About Us

About Us

StartupFlux aims to find alternate growth signals, curate private company information and leverage Publically available datasets to create a Digital Consulting Lab for Startups/SME’s to build and scale their businesses.

We want to put a Consulting Lab in the Cloud for anyone to access and extract relevant data and insights to help them grow their business.

We scrape the web for information like job listings, social media engagement, web presence, tech stacks, team background etc to predict business analytics for markets and private companies. Our bots also find, tag and use TB’s of Publically available datasets to extract business-relevant insights.
Democratizing the Data Revolution and turning this data into Opportunities.

Traditional consulting tools and data used for Market research, customer segmentation, lead generation etc have been confined to Big Consulting firms. Smaller consulting firms, SME’s, Startups etc have always struggled with creating such tools and mostly rely on an army of analysts and consultants to do the job. We want to disrupt the Consulting industry by providing this data as a service at fraction of the cost.

We deliver Predictive Analytics like industry trends, growth predictions, and benchmarked ratings to reduce human error and help ease the decision marking process.

From companies searching for partners to collaborate with, to investors seeking new opportunities, to entrepreneurs looking for relevant information, as of today, we enable users to ask harder questions, get better answers, and make more confident business decisions.

Smart Solutions:

  • Company Profiles
    Advanced Analytics and Tools to do the janitor work that you need to do. See how you stack up against your competition.
  • Advanced Search
    Advanced Filters to Find your Next Customer, Next Partner, Next Acquisition, Next Investment, Next Market.
  • StartupFlux Chrome Extension
    Discover and qualify companies right from your browser.
  • Startup Digest
    Curated Content from around the web. Everything Startup Ecosystem.

We Love to talk to the Community!

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