On Demand Consulting

On Demand Consulting

We are in the business of making other people successful. Improving a company’s ability to drive growth requires rethinking a business strategy, organisation, capabilities, and culture.
Partnering closely with our clients, we help prototype ideas, test them with real customers, and quickly adapt the solution. For more mature clients, we help optimize Technology and Operations, build Marketing Strategies, Identify Partners and Sales Leads.

Combining data science, human-centered design, and the latest rapid development techniques we help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.


How we help


Opportunity Scan, Market Research, Market Entry
Provides in-depth and specific analysis of the potential of a proposed product, service, or investment. The study may include evaluating market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential as well as understanding the burning issues and trends, in accordance with the planned offerings.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence involves gathering and evaluating information related to different competitors/stakeholders operating in a business environment. It includes assessing and analyzing product portfolios, number of employees, geographic reach, unique selling points, strategies, price differentiation, historic and forecast market revenue assessment, business models, business revenue mix, and SWOT of various players.

Customer Analysis

End-user analysis includes identifying the different needs of customers and providing the best possible solutions. The different services include customer perception mapping, evaluating unmet needs, usage levels of different products/services, satisfaction levels for different products/services, factors influencing device/product selection, factors impacting vendor selection, level of brand awareness, and others.

Product Development & Roadmap

We support you in planning and research design, identifying new product ideas with market potential, understanding unmet customer needs and product features, conducting techno-commercial feasibility, and developing a pricing strategy. We provide market research across different stages of new product development which include: Ideation, Opportunity assessment, Business case, Concept testing


Customer Acquisition and Retention, Partnership and Affiliates
We use our state of the art Sales intelligence system to discover new competitors and identify who your competitors are selling to. Partner analysis involves identifying best-fit partners for business needs of companies. The various factors studied for sales intelligence are the product/service portfolios, market financials, developments, geographic revenue mix, business revenue mix, and pricing.

Technology Assessment

Technology assessment involves studying and evaluating upcoming technologies. In order to gain a competitive edge in the market, companies plan to expand their businesses and penetrate new markets through new developments and by launching new technologies. These services involve assessing competitive technologies, benchmarking client technologies against competitors, and forecasting the potential of new and upcoming technologies.

Pricing Analysis

Pricing analysis involves the study and evaluation of product prices and their trends over a period of time. It includes:
Assessing competitor product prices at the user end and across the supply chain.
Studying customer and end-user perception of product prices and validating whether the products are affordable for the customers.
Providing volume discounts based on the quantity of the product and offering rebates on different product categories.


Strategy and Plan, Positioning & Go to Market, Business Optimisation, Financial Modelling


Content & Social Media Strategy, Analysis & Optimization

Build Client Capabilities

Training Client, Reporting Dashboards, System Automation

Legal & Financial compliance

Legal and Financial Advice from our Legal & Financial Partners(Experienced lawyers, CA & CS and not interns)


Our Work Methodology


  • Market Research
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Strategic Frameworks
  • Operational Diagnostic tools
  • Hypothesis trees
  • Insights and Recommendations
  • Client Enablement


Clients/Case Studies


  • Niche E-commerce –Helped reduce technology costs by 80% and expand sales internationally.
  • Crowdfunding platform

    Helped with expanding target market, technology, marketing and operations automation.

  • Legal Startup –

    Helped build a winning strategy to convert leads against heavy competition.

  • Coworking space

    Helped with financial structure, cost optimisation, improve unit economics and develop lead gen channels.

  • Edtech startup

    Customer acquisition strategy, B plan and financial model for the company

  • Health tech

    Helped with customer segmentation and focus on the larger target market. Helped go from 0 to 1.5 lakh revenue in 1 month.

  • Fintech

    Helped established brick and mortar business develop a winning strategy to enter the online mutual funds market. helped increase customer base from 20k to 30k in one-quarter.

  • Machine learning Startup

    Helped pivot to a profitable model by helping realign developed technology to a different application.

  • Loyalty card startup

    Suggested and facilitated an M&A with a competitor to capture the highly fragmented market.

  • Jewellery brand

    Helped define a strategy to increase profits. Switch from b2b to b2c strategy and helped developed app to reach out to the retail audience.

  • Real estate

    Helped an established builder use technology to convert more customers are drive sales up 20%

  • FoodTech

    Helped a corporate catering company to improve customer satisfaction and created a feedback loop. Convinced them to not enter the b2c market.

  • B2C gifting platform

    Helped with vendors acquisition and onboarding.

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