StartupFlux Updates: Company Profiles

StartupFlux Updates: Company Profiles

Introducing ‘Company Profiles’. Company profiles is part of our Business Solutions for Startups.

The importance of Company Profiles:

Company profiles allow you to search companies that you are interested in and get latest industry news.
You can explore a high-level summary of the company including information like industry, team size, website, social, blog, RSS links and more.
You get access to their internet and social media growth stats with our proprietary growth score to assess the companies progress.

  • By creating your Company profile, people outside your network who google for you will come across your StartupFlux profile and get an immediate measure of your progress.
  • Investors on a regular basis scout for Startups to Invest in and may just come across your idea and reach out (yes, they are sharks who just need to smell some blood to track you down)
  • Journalists are always on a lookout for good stories and interesting Startups to mention.
  • The best employees evaluate a Startup before joining. It’s a win-win for both of you if you find the right fit.
  • You get your own Dashboard with relevant insights and recommendations for your business.
  • Discover and analyze your competitors.
  • Partner Credits: We have put together a Startup Kit for you which we believe will help grow your business.

Every visitor to your StartupFlux profile is a possible monetization opportunity.

You can discover:

  • Company updates on topics ranging from announcements to product releases and industry news
  • Similar Companies
  • Business model
  • Position in Value Chain
  • Type of Customers
  • Team
  • Funding Details
  • technologies Used by the company

The ‘Opportunity cost’ of having a StartupFlux Company Profile:

  • Investors can discover you easily
  • You get a free dashboard to track your metrics and compare against competitors
  • Get recommendation on where to improve
  • One profile to share your Startup details

To see the Company profile, simply type the company name or url in the Search box at the top of the StartupFlux page and click on the correct name in the dropdown.

You can Submit Your Startup profile HERE