StartupFlux Vision 2020

StartupFlux Vision 2020


Hi, I am Vaibhav, Founder of StartupFlux

I care about people and feel that I have the responsibility to help everyone and build the best things that’s ever been built. Startup Ecosystem in India is unstable but has an immense potential, So i decided to do StartupFlux.

Bringing together the finest thinking, cutting edge technologies and an unrivaled expertise of our team, we want to create products that are timeless and ever evolving.We also care about the people around us. We want every individual to learn, discover themselves and grow in both their personal and professional lives. We realise that the ultimate goal in people’s lives is peace and happiness and at every step we make sure to align the company’s goals with that.

Company Roadmap


Business Intelligence Platform (We are here )

Productivity Platform

Services Business

Technology R&D Lab


Angel/VC Fund (Better Sequoia)

Accelerator/Incubator/EIR Programs (Better YC)


Somewhere in the mix

Angel investment, Co-working chain, Crowdfunding for Startups and perhaps a few more related things


  • Our Goal

    Make a change


  • Our Methodology

    Build, Innovate, Iterate


  • Mission

    Turning Data into Opportunities. Help businesses run smart. We want to streamline and scale corporations, and at the same time empower and create start-ups.
    Our company’s mission is simple, to strive for perfection and never settle. We want to build the best product and services out there which can have a positive impact on people’s lives.


  • Why StartupFlux

    Startupflux was born out of the need of a product that could help create and scale new and existing companies while de-riskingtheir businesses. Several traditional business become stagnant or fail because they fail to realize market opportunities, scale and innovate. Most startups fail because they fail at getting the right guidance at the right time. We want to change that and empower the youth to build products that help make this world a happier place.


  • Core Values

    Empathy. Don’t be evil. Be Courteous. Everyone is different. Everyone has a life. Respect and be respected.
    Craftsmanship tempered with playfulness. Care about Design, Precision and Perfection. Be Passionate and do not be afraid to play around.
    Be open and transparent. Simplify your relationships. Lose the filter. Talk openly about what you care about and the problems you are dealing with. Get feedback to get better. Don’t hide. No Politics. You’re not expected to know everything but you should know whom to go to for something.
    Stay focused. Is the thing you are working on right now the most valuable thing you could be doing? A corollary to this: trust others to execute on their objectives so that you can stay focused on your own.
    Move Fast. Move quickly. Do not lag. Once a decision is made, execute on it as fast as possible. Ship quickly. Save words. Instead, implement and measure. Perfect is the enemy of good.
    Thriving, both in ourselves and others That means thriving not only as a team, but also making sure you’re personally thriving and doing this thing you’re meant to be doing with your whole heart
    Smile more! Have fun. Don’t regret. Don’t think too hard. Be optimistic. Assume the best. Things will work out — how could they not?


  • Strategic plan

    Build a platform to partner with founders to quickly and diligently rollout business across several domains. Help founders withmarket research, business strategy, finance and a pool of shared resources like, Marketing and Sales. And why not sell this product to VC’s, Investors, Journalists etc to generate additional revenues


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