Introducing ‘Think With StartupFlux’ ?

Introducing ‘Think With StartupFlux’ ?

We have created ‘Think With Startupflux‘ is to share valuable data, insights, best practices etc across industries, people, companies, geographies.
We also want to engage with the startup community and present what we’re doing and how we are trying to solve different problems.

Why StartupFlux?

So let me start off with explaining what ‘StartupFlux’ is and how it came into existence.
I have been researching product ideas for a long time and had quite a few failed POC’s, which I mostly attribute to insufficient market research and lack of execution. There were several good ideas and bad ones that seemed good initially. Coming from a business family, I had access to and option to join any of the several successful family run businesses.  So, I thought of digitizing, automating and disrupting those businesses. Each time I did that, I was always faced by the same problem – Researching on how’s, why’s, and who else’s of that industry. And the time it took was a lot! Arguably the most valuable commodity of our times! So I decided to solve that problem first! Hence StartupFlux!

Research and Market Study?

When I started brainstorming about StartupFlux, I found several players in the market but they all seemed to be focusing on the bigger established players(rightly so, since that is where the big money is)
I decided to take the bottom-up approach to market and help solve some of the most important yet under served problems that entrepreneurs face. Players like Tracxn, Mattermark, etc were serving the bigger VC firms and organization. I spoke to several VC’s and angel investors and identified another market for the data that I was about to collect and crunch- the under served angels and Micro VC’s; software development firms, and the job seekers.

I took around 2 months to just do this research and but did not have the courage to quit my high paying, safe, good life  but zero work satisfaction job.
The final nail in the coffin was when one of the Very Senior Leaders in an organization I worked for presented a roadmap/new product line for the company after 2-3 months of research. The guy had no clue about the direction of that market or the existing players in the segment. Another company I worked for probably spent million of dollars into creating a new product (with prospective customers blessings) and failed miserably. I spoke to the leaders at both organizations and identified the same pain point they had- inadequate data for market research and growth signals of a particular industry. Which further boosted my confidence in StartupFlux.

What is ‘StartupFlux’?
StartupFlux enables entrepreneurs, investors, organizations and individuals to study the Startup market and speed up their research and decision-making process.
We identify alternate signals for private markets and deliver meaningful insights to help grow your business.

What is ‘Think With StartupFlux’?
‘Think with StartupFlux’ is our effort to give back to the community by sharing valuable data and insights that individuals or corporates can use to streamline and scale their businesses.

What Next?
Focusing on building a platform for Entrepreneurs and Investors alike to discover and analyze curated data about private markets.